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MSSPs are emerging as critical partners for organisations in the digital-first era. Here’s why

Following the rapid digitalisation of the last decade, organisations worldwide, including those in the Asia/Pacific (AP) region, have now accepted the digital-first philosophy as the next logical step after digital transformation. Leveraging advanced technologies to improve service delivery is no longer considered an optional strategy but a critical business imperative to remain competitive in the market. As a result, innovative IT infrastructures that power modern businesses are evolving at a breakneck speed, becoming more distributed, diverse, and perimeter-less. While delivering significant business benefits, this current IT setup exposes organisations’ digital assets to unprecedented cyber risks. According to IDC’s Worldwide CEO Sentiment Survey findings, cybersecurity was the top priority for AP organisations’ boards in 2022, ahead of digital sovereignty, AI ethics, and sustainability.  

As technology becomes more advanced and digital assets become more valuable, cyberattacks become more sophisticated and challenging to defend. Given the interconnected nature of modern businesses and the digital economy ecosystem, cybercriminals are no longer just targeting large enterprises but even the small- and medium-sized companies that are part of the supply chain to gain access to their desired data. With rising complexities in IT infrastructure and ecosystem in the digital-first era, many organisations realise that independently managing security is becoming less feasible. Instead, they opt to work with a trusted security partner, such as a managed security service provider (MSSP), for their security needs. There are several reasons for this.   

Access to advanced technology and specialised skills

For starters, it is not a stretch to say that the innovation cycle moves faster in the digital age, and technology and tools refresh at a higher frequency than in yesteryears. MSSPs consistently invest in the latest security technologies to help secure their clients’ organisations. These include but are not limited to security information and event management, cyber threat intelligence, extended detection and response platforms, and threat hunting capabilities. By engaging with an MSSP, organisations can access more effective cybersecurity tools, technology, and resources, ensuring a more comprehensive approach to securing their IT systems and assets. In addition, the organisation also significantly improves its security posture with round-the-clock systems, network, and vulnerability monitoring via security operation centre (SOC) services.

Another benefit organisations tend to enjoy when engaging with an MSSP is access to highly specialised skill sets and an expanded security team. The talent shortage in cybersecurity is well-documented, and businesses that manage their security operation in-house often struggle to attract and retain the necessary workforce to support their security team. Organisations partnering with an MSSP do not need to spend valuable resources on recruiting, training, and retaining cybersecurity professionals. But instead, they can tap into a team of well-trained security analysts specialised in specific technology domains, such as cloud or network security. Furthermore, these extended security teams are always up to date on their training and certifications and possess in-depth knowledge about the latest threat landscape and attack trends.

In addition to technology and people, businesses that engage with MSSPs also could leverage tried and tested cyber security processes, practices, and configurations. Having partnered with various organisations across different verticals and horizontals, MSSPs often develop industry-specific best practices that clients can tap on to achieve their desired security posture. A trusted security partner can guide clients in tools and configuration management to compliance management programs which may include assessment, audits, and reports to regulatory agencies, and providing security awareness training to help clients reduce regulatory risks and stay compliant.

Desired security posture at optimal cost

Finally, effective cybersecurity management can be extremely costly if it is unclear. Investing in the right talent, procuring the appropriate technology, and developing optimal processes can become resource intensive for most organisations in the AP. Partnering with an MSSP ensures that the cost of the service is effectively distributed among the provider’s clients. An MSSP can leverage tools and solutions developed for multitenancy while providing dedicated services as required. Furthermore, most MSSPs offer an innovative and flexible pricing model that allows clients to tailor their system’s security and consumption to their specific needs. Thus, organisations do not have to make difficult security decisions based on cost considerations.

IDC believes that partnering with MSSP is an ideal approach for most digital-era businesses, where they can leverage end-to-end services from initial vulnerability assessment to systems, and tools configuration, operations management, optimisation, and continuous improvement. Doing so will enable organisations to focus on their core business goals instead of being distracted by security concerns. Ultimately, organisations can significantly improve their cyber security posture by engaging with a trusted security partner, shifting to a proactive approach to cyber security, and minimising their overall cyber risks.

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