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Getting Closer to your End User for an Immersive Customer Experience

Enterprises Look to Edge Computing to Accelerate Business

Due to the fast-changing business environment, enterprises are looking to accelerate the data lifecycle and boost application performance to drive revenue growth. Nowadays, their focus has expanded to low-latency and distributed compute scenarios, as emerging Edge workloads such as AI, IoT, high volume financial trading, autonomous vehicles, etc., are driving competitive advantage.

68.7% of enterprises view application delivery services as relevant to their organization’s edge strategy

In fact, according a recent IDC report1, 68.7% of enterprises view application delivery services as relevant to their organization’s edge strategy and 75% of enterprises expect less than 5ms latency ​. Hence, minimizing latency has become increasingly important for enterprises to be able to deliver an optimal user experience in the modern digital era.  To boost application performance and efficiency, enterprises need a solution designed for edge facilities using content delivery network (CDN) technology, software-defined networking (SD-WAN) and a cloud foundation with secure, private connections.

Lumen’s Application Delivery Solutions

Lumen Application Delivery Solutions for the Edge combine our CDNCDN Edge Compute, Edge Hosting Environment, Private Cloud and Dynamic Connections products with our strength in managed services. We are focused upon helping organizations optimize application performance across many situations, including: IoT software updates, video streaming and analytics, online gaming, location-based analytics and B2B/B2C branch transformations.

Take the banking industry, for example; with the rise of digital-only banking and their younger consumers, the industry expects to provide faster and more reliable personalized experience with improved security and data compliance at lower cost and increased flexibility. Many retail banks have adopted technologies such as AI-powered virtual assistant, facial recognition and other innovative tools that provide custom offers based upon their customers’ financial data. By implementing Lumen Edge Computing Solutions, banks can overcome latency and minimize risk by moving application logic closer to the users while simultaneously improving their security – thereby delivering immersive end user experiences. 


Lumen® Cloud Application Manager

A cloud-agnostic application and infrastructure management platform in action


Currently Lumen has Edge nodes operational across North America and is continuing to invest and turn-up additional locations in the U.S. and globally.  With that, we are pleased to announce our first Asia Pacific deployment of our CDN Edge Compute platform in Tokyo Japan; with more investments to occur across the region in the near future.

We are pleased to announce our first Asia Pacific deployment of our CDN Edge Compute Platform in Tokyo, Japan.

Lumen’s CDN Edge Compute is a comprehensive edge offering that allows engineers to gain complete, code-level control over edge workload configurations so developers can run and troubleshoot workloads using DevOps-friendly metrics and log alerts.   Its modular architecture also enables the flexible selection of custom, open source and proprietary software components, all with real-time insights to identify and diagnose traffic trends.  Furthermore, the platform can help with accelerating deployment cycles and automate workflows via extensible APIs. Lumen combines a significant local Japan presence with an expansive global network to keep our customers connected – wherever their business happens.  With Lumen’s Application Delivery solutions, Japan enterprises can drive new digital experiences for their customers and enhance their own digital transformation.

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