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Lumen adds another crown jewel to its CDN coverage in Asia Pacific

Back in 2013, Jonathan Perelman of BuzzFeed coined the notable phrase “Content Is King, but Distribution Is Queen”.  Although this quote was originally apropos to ‘content marketing’, in todays’ interconnected world, this axiom is incredibly relevant to all forms of modern digital content – video streaming, online gaming, software downloads, etc. In other words, as a content provider it is critical to have compelling content and delivery platforms that distinguishes you from your competitors.  

However, if you are not concurrently delivering your content services in a dependable manner to your audiences when and how they want it, then your business won’t succeed. 

The Complexities and Demand of Asia-Pacific

The importance of distributing content within the APAC region in a reliable manner cannot be overstated. This part of the world is both geographical large and highly dispersed, with each country having vastly different content interests, consumption behaviours, device viewing preferences, and so forth. Another contributing factor to the APAC challenges of content delivery are the different broadband and mobile adoption rates and infrastructure. 

Asia Pacific is also experiencing hyper-accelerated growth relevant to content delivery.  For example, by 2023 it is estimated, that Asia Pacific will have 3.1 billion mobile users – representing more than 54% of the total number of global mobile users1.  As a consequence, of the nearly 300 million mobile applications that will be downloaded by 2023, 40.3% – equating to 183.2 billion – will by Asia Pacific subscribers2. As further evidence of this region’s growth, a 2021 report3 indicates that revenues from over-the-top (OTT) TV episodes and films for 22 countries in the Asia Pacific region will reach USD $54 billion by the end of 2026, up by 90% from the USD $29 billion recorded in 2020.

Put simply, (and at the risk of overusing my monarch analogy 😉), delivering content to your end-users and consumers within an extremely complicated, quickly growing and highly competitive market can often be a ‘royal pain in the neck’.   

Lumen’s APAC Investments

To service this complex and flourishing market, Lumen has been making significant investments over the last couple of years, including: adding new Content Delivery Network (CDN) Points of Presence (PoPs), augmenting existing CDN capacity, and launching of new offerings such as our Media Transformation Services and CDN Mesh Delivery.  We have also started to rollout Application Delivery infrastructure nodes to meet the modern-day requirements of low-latency use cases such as mobile/video online gaming and Internet of Things (IoT), to name a few.  

In line with our ongoing commitment of Content and Application Delivery investments in APAC, we’re excited to share that we have recently launched another crown jewel – a new CDN PoP in New Zealand.  This new CDN location offers 280 GBPs of capacity and is ready to support customers across the region and around the world in delivering content with minimal latency and greater connectivity to in-country and regional peering partners. 



As one of the largest low-latency CDN networks, the Lumen CDN enables reliable content delivery to users around the globe. Find out more in our latest infographic.

The Broader Global CDN Landscape

Reflecting upon the global CDN landscape, it’s notable that the types of companies that leverage CDN technology and services nowadays are broad in nature. They include traditional CDN consumers such as gaming companies, broadcasters, video streaming services and the multitude of online retailers, but now extends to various social media platforms, as well as many SaaS providers. However, irrespective of the nature of a business that uses CDN services, often they share a common objective of needing to provide a consistent and secure user experience to their existing customers, and the imperative of growing their revenue streams through acquisition of new consumers and penetration into new segments/markets. 

As one of the leading global Content Delivery Network provider, Lumen assists enterprises to grow their businesses by delivering upon those end-user expectations through fast, secure, and reliable CDN services in 120 major markets on 6 continents. A unique value proposition of Lumen is our CDN capabilities rides on top of our worldwide IP backbone – which has over 120Tbps of IP capacity and is the most deeply peered network globally – and thus, provides an low-latency, high performance and resilient foundation to all our CDN customers. Furthermore, Lumen is actively monitoring and mitigating security threats daily across our global network, that complements a comprehensive, layered security strategy. 

We also cater to organisations that may have an existing CDN vendor. Lumen’s CDN solutions are architected to support multi-CDN, and can be easily and seamlessly integrated into existing environments. Enabling customers to share traffic between two or more providers helps mitigate risks – such as: micro outages, peak-hour performance degradation, etc. – that may arise with engaging any sole CDN provider. Nowadays, any outages or degradations can result in catastrophic and costly business impact, and so we are increasingly seeing customers seek and adopt a multi-CDN strategy to ensure they can always deliver exceptional performance in all regions or markets. 

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